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Patient Appointment Reminders System

New Version 5.04

How "No Shows" affect you:

The goal of any practice is to be financially successful.  To accomplish this task, your practitioners must see as many patients as possible.  When patients fail to show up for a scheduled appointment, the ability to practice medicine, and generate revenue for the practice, can be severely limited.  The success of any practice depends on its ability to minimize "No Shows" and ensure that patients are accessible to the doctor when he or she is available.

Double and triple booking helps to keep a steady flow of patients, but it is not the best solution.  Multiple bookings can often cause more problems than it solves.

The following four-step method can be used to successfully reduce your "No Shows" rate:

  • Have technicians and check-out personnel remind patients of the importance of keeping their next appointment.

  • Create and use an appointment letter.  Give a copy of the letter to existing patients as they make future appointments and, when possible, mail the letter to new patients well in advance of their appointments.

  • Institute a telephone confirmation system that makes contact with patients two days before their appointment.

  • Develop a telephone confirmation script that reminds patients of the importance of keeping appointments.

The PARS package:

The PARS package is made of 2 components:  the PARS Dialer, a Stand-Alone automatic dialer system and the PARS software.  You can set up the PARS Dialer, just by itself, to contact your patients and remind them of upcoming appointments.  We developed the PARS software as a companion product, for the PARS Dialer, to simplify and expedite the process of setting up the reminder sessions.

The PARS Dialer is an easy to use, low cost, single line, automated telephone patient appointment reminder system.  It can make up to 1000 patient calls every day and can work unattended from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m., seven days a week.  The PARS Dialer is like having an extra employee.  It works 12 hours a day, seven days a week, never takes a break, never goes on vacation and pays for itself in just a few months.  The PARS Dialer will provide you with the resources that you need to effectively communicate with your patients in regard to their scheduling needs.  Best of all, it is a stand-alone unit which does not require a computer to operate.  It's cost effective, simple, and easy to use right out of the box!

The PARS software works in conjunction with the PARS Dialer to provide a powerful, effective, low cost, automated patient appointment reminder system.  The PARS software imports data that has been exported from your scheduling program and automatically generates all of the required voice prompts.  The ZIP disk, from the dialer,  is inserted into your computer's ZIP drive and the PARS software transfers your patient's phone numbers and automated voice prompts directly to the ZIP disk.  When completed, you simply remove the ZIP disk and insert it back into the PARS dialer, and the dialer automatically starts dialing.  It's that easy!  To provide the patient with optimum information, you will be required to make a, one time only, voice recording of:  1) each patient's name, 2) each doctor's name and 3) each facility location.  These recordings will be stored in an internal library on your computer for future reference.  The patient's name, doctor's name and facility prompts are optional and are only used if you select them.  You can either make all of your prompt recordings up front, or you can make them as needed; PARS will notify you when it needs new voice recordings.  PARS provides the following information to patients:

  1. Patient's Name

  2. Doctor's Name (optional)

  3. Day of the Week for the appointment

  4. Month and Date for the appointment

  5. Time of the appointment

  6. Facility Location (optional)

PARS Dialer - Key Benefits:

  • Increases revenues by reducing patient "No Shows".

  • Improves communication with your patients.

  • More cost effective than postcards.

  • Saves hundreds of hours of valuable staff time every month.

  • Improves staff morale by eliminating redundant and time-consuming manual calls.

  • Makes up to 83 calls per hour.

  • User programmable Clock Controlled dialing, seven days a week, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

  • Programmable Redials from 0 to 98 or unlimited.

  • Special 15 minute "BUSY" redial improves chances of patient contact.

  • Detects Answering Devices.  It will leave a message after the "Beep" or it will recall them at a later time.

  • Personal mode allows you to provide the name, date and time of each appointment.

  • Optionally allows patients to leave a message or to confirm the appointment.

  • Can be used for multi-lingual applications.

  • Power Fail friendly.  It will continue dialing where it left off when power comes back on.

PARS Software - Key Benefits:

  • Improves the consistency and accuracy of your information because it is taken directly from your scheduling program.

  • Improves communications with your patients by providing detailed information about their appointment.

  • Uses the LEAST amount of time to start a reminder session, making the most productive use of your staff's time.

Web Articles relating to Reminder Calls:

ASCRS "Case Study:  Reducing No-Shows in your Practice"


Let PARS do the repetitious work!

With the PARS package, your staff can focus on the patients in your office, developing better patient relations while the PARS package manages the repetitious appointment reminder calls.  You can rest assured that the PARS package will contact all of your patients.  You can leave your office, every day, confidant that you will have a steady patient flow the next day.  The PARS package will help to keep your practice more profitable, day after day.

What will PARS do for you?

Exactly what you need : fewer "No Shows", increased revenues, improved patient communications, stronger patient relations, reduced staff work load, improved staff moral and a system that pays for itself in a few months.

PARS Manual System Flyer

PARS Computer Software Flyer

PARS Dialer Appointment Reminder Manual version 4.00

PARS Dialer Technical Reference Manual version 4.00

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